Tori Takes Requests #7: Mustache Removal

Previously on Tori Takes Requests: Tori already poured ketchup on her feet, was turned into a hamburger, scared Trina 7 times, danced while giving cilantro to Trina and a bunny, put glue on her hand and made Robbie wear a bikini. Now, she removes a social worker's mustache and replaces it with a lady's wristwatch.

How Trina Got In: Andre's Version

Now, it's Andre's time!

How Trina Got In: Jade's Version

Jade tells you what she heard about Trina's audition.

How Trina Got In: Beck's Version

Now, see Beck's version for: How Trina Got In.

How Trina Got In: Sikowitz's Version (Real Version)

See how Trina got in Hollywood Arts.

5 Fingaz To The Face NEW SONG!!

Taking the bus to school is awesome when it's a party bus driven by a famous rapper.

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Prank Call

1:30 AM is the perfect time to prank call Sikowitz.